AMD’s Radeon 7000 launch had a secret FSR weapon to boost frame rates for everyone

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During the Radeon 7000 launchAMD has announced the arrival of a new version of Fidelity FX Super Resolution upscaling, FSR3, which will launch in 2023. The updated version will include Fluid Motion Frames that double frames per second (fps).

AMD general manager Scott Herkelman acknowledged at the event that Fluid Motion Frames technology is similar in purpose to Nivida’s DLSS Frame Generation, but not in process. AMD showed a demo of this technology using Unreal Engine 5, in which the frame rate jumped from 60 fps with FSR 2 to 112 fps with FSR 3. Not much information is available yet on how FSR 3 will work in detail, but we expect Hear more from the company in the coming weeks.

There are currently 216 games that support FSR in some way, and that number is expected to grow steadily according to AMD. This is great news for gamers, as the technology is open to owners of GPUs from all major manufacturers, not just AMD users. So owners of, say, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 1080 and above can take advantage of FRS 2 to improve their frame rates, so it would make sense to assume that many of those cards will also have FRS 3 support. Older GPUs are included in the list of compatible graphics cards, though with AMD’s reminder that you may not get a significant performance change when using FSR 2 on cards like the GTX 970 or RX 480.

(Image credit: AMD)

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