Bluesound’s new wireless speaker is like a supercharged Sonos One

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Bluesound is a brand that wants to compete against Sonos, and generally does so with great success. Like that company, Bluesound’s product line consists of a range of wireless speakers, soundbars and subwoofers, along with amplifiers that can be used to bring wireless streaming to legacy speakers.

Bluesound’s latest wireless speaker is the Pulse M ($449 / £449 / €549 / about AU$700), which at first glance looks like a slightly sturdier Sonos One. Like that model, the Pulse M is a compact stand-alone speaker with high-resolution streaming that can be wirelessly paired with a second Pulse M for stereo listening. It can also be paired with a wireless subwoofer for extended bass, or used as a surround speaker in a full 5.1 system with one of the company’s soundbars.

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