Divi Toolbox v1.6.8 – Powerful Tools to Customize the Divi Theme Download

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1.6.8 – ThemeForest | Divi Toolbox v1.6.8 – Powerful Tools to Customize the Divi Theme enables you to produce results that are only custom CSS, PHP or Java-Script usually available! These improvements in the Divi Theme Customizer can now be made easily. Great without any code capability, make your website amazing!

See it in action!

See our Toolbox Demo page for more information. Looks very progressive? Ok, guess what, guess what! To build it we didn’t even use a tiny bit of CSS or JavaScript. The Divi Toolbox created all the wonderful effects! There is also the complete list of features!

Make Site-wide Changes Fast

You can choose the elements you want to modify from the Divi Tool Box. You can make modifications and changes around the web with just a few clicks if you enable a function in your Customizer Theme.

Logo and Header Custom Look

You can easily change your logo and header. Create a personalized menu download, add an object to the CTA menu, or edit hover effects. You can also adjust your logo on the fixed header, generate a superimposed logo effect and display any layout from or before your Divi library.

Fine-tune the Mobile Menu

Create the best mobile experience with a mobile menu adjustment! You can set the mobile menu bar, activate the mobile menu slide in, add icon animations for hamburgers, collapse nestled sub-menus and update your mobile menu logo!

Make Divi Blog Awesome!

The Divi Toolbox contains nine (!) custom templates for your archive and blog categories. Each item in your chosen layout can be further customized. The author box, associated posts and previous/next navigation also enables you to customize your single posting page. You can also add customized header templates to your files and customize or hide the sidebar globally. Create your website’s best blogging experience!

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