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Canva & Kenba

How to get Canva Pro? (In this digital world, graphics play an important role.  Bingotingo Kenba Article blogs, YouTube video’s even subject-related PDFs will be too boring if it does not have any picture. Bingo Tingo Canva Pro The content will be got bored and dry. There are many graphics tools to learn about graphic design.  Photoshop is a graphic tool. It’s a good tool for graphic designing. I have worked on it for a short period. Its features are amazing. But if you are searching for a good and easy tool for graphic designing then Canva is the best tool. I found it extremely simple quick and simple.

Let us an overview of this amazing graphic tool _CANVA or kenba


How to get Kenba Pro? Canva introduced by Melanie Perkins, and Cameron Admass was founded in Australia on January 1st, 2013. Canva had more than 750,000 users in its first year. canvas team start focusing on marketing materials in 2015. Its revenue increased from A$6.8 million to A$23.5 million during the 2016-17 financial year.


Canva is a great and amazing graphic tool platform there are various types of templates for the use of users. It’s also used to create documents, postures, presentations and lecture PDFs slides, etc. Canva is a publishing tool you turn your ideas into different design and publish it anywhere in the world.

Canva platform has the most important features that provide too much ease to the users. Canva has many tools  and elements

Which you can use easily by just clicking simply. You can also do drag-and-drop jobs. After a few clicks on these elements, you can design your designs. As u know in this digital world, graphic designing, Photography are emerging fields. so for a professional look, every designer or photographer needs a tool. Canva is the best option to take a professional look. If you want to avail more features then you can also use the pro version of Canva. On Canva pro Version there are thousands of elements, and templates to work, and to give the professional look to your ideas you also use the pro version. Canva free templates and the pro version always help to boost your ideas. If you are a student you don’t need a pro version. You just use free templates trust me it’s always helpful for you to boost your ideas and designs. If you are working professional then may you need the Canva pro version.

One of the most important features of this platform is to use it free anytime and anywhere. This platform is easy to use. we can work on it either on the PC or Mobile. But I recommend you if your PC because it’s easy for you.

Canva also offers paid subscription CANVA_PRO for the additional functionality. There are a lot of features on this CANVA_PRO but you can also do your best on the simple Canva.

Canva raised from A$60 million at a valuation of A$6 billion in June 2022.


Features of Canva are discussed here…

One of the most important features of Canva free templates.

If you want to change the color of the templates you can do it easily.

Text editor features are also available.

Drag and Drop.

Canva Image Enhancer makes out standard photos.

Transparent photos are also available.

You can also put your photos on templates as you want.

You can also design your Wedding and Birthday invitation cards.

You can resize your design.

You can apply instant animations.

You don’t need to create an account you just search Canva on your browser. After that, you can start your work without any account or sign-up.

Canva also has a background removal feature.

How to use and work

Here we discuss the usage of Canva  step by step

We can use Canva without any login step 1 just search Canva on your browser there appear a search   Bar you can easily search any type of template. Step 2 on the right side there appears a button for “Create a design. Step 3 on the left side there appears an icon of their line by clicking that there appears to hide Menu. Step 4 You can choose any tool and start a design step 5 After the design, you save your design and exit.

One of the best thing

on Canva when you are login for the first time on Canva then there will be the question “For what purpose do you want to use Canva? ”many options will be revealed to chose

There are various options are available which are discussed below

  • For a business
  • For a small business
  • As a student
  • As a teacher

If you select any option of the above point then the Canva platform will provide you with content according to your profile

as u need.

How to download and install

It’s not a big deal to download Canva, very easy process everyone can do it very easily. Just go to your browser and search there Canva free download then there appear a lot of free versions just click the link. After that, there appears a button for download just click on it. Canva platform download after these few steps. You can also work on Canva without downloading this platform.

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  • Easy to use.
  • Free Templates.

If your PC shutdown or your mobile switches off, you will not lose your design.

  • It’s a user-friendly platform.
  • You can also design your ideas.
  • You can easily restart your work from Where you left off.
  • There are different elements, and icons to design forms.
  • Make wireframes easily.
  • It’s a friendly platform.
  • This platform provides a professional look to your designs and ideas.
  • You can resize your text and photos.
  • You can add animations to your designs.
  • Team accessibility.
  • You don’t need a proper course to work on Canva because you can work on it easily with a bit of Knowledge.
  • You can design several book covers.
  • Everyone uses this platform even children under the of 15 can easily use it.
  • It’s a not time-consuming platform within a few minutes you can design any type of idea easily.


  1. Limited templates.
  2. Limited Free version.
  3. It’s difficult to change your design to another.
  4. Pro-Version is costly.
  5. Working on Canva on a small screen is very difficult.
  6. It’s difficult for students to avail of Canva -Pro Versions.

One of the most important disadvantages is alignment. On another platform illustrator, adobe photoshop alignment can be handled easily.

On this platform exporting files is difficult.

At any time, your account on Canva can be deleted.


How to bold the letters?

Click on ctrl+B or the bold icon on the top menu bar.

How to start?

Open your browser and search for Canva. After that, you will start working on the free Canva link.

How to upload photos on templates?

Click on the Upload button select your device, then go to the path where the image is stored.

How to add text on templates?

Go to the top of the menu and just click on the add text.

How we can add animation on postures?

Click on the Animated elements and then add as u want.

How we can save postures on Canva?

To save postures on Canva doesn’t need any procedure. It’s saved automatically.

Can we remove the background of the picture on Canva?

Yes, we can remove it by using background removal.

Can we curve text on postures?

Yes, it’s quite easy first select the text and then select curved from the menu bar.

Is there a short key to underlined text on Canva?

Yes, Ctrl +u

Can we add bullets on Canva postures?

Yes, just click the bullets icon in the menu list.

Can we use a mobile phone for Canva work?

Yes, you can use it but it’s difficult for you because it requires a larger screen.

Can we move elements on posture?

Yes, we can easily do it just by using keyboard keys.

How does crop the picture?

To crop a picture just go to the menu bar select the crop icon and then adjust its size as u want.

Can we make a table?

Yes, by using a square shape. do

Why do we prefer Canva instead of another graphic designing platform?

Because it’s a user-friendly platform. There are a lot of free templates that we can use free of cost. we can design our ideas easily and publish them publicly. One of the other edges is you don’t need to create an account.

What we can design with Canva?

We can design several things on Canva with great ease.

  • Logos
  • Worksheets
  • Restaurants menu
  • Birthday invitations cards
  • Wedding invitation cards.
  • Presentations
  • Wallpapers
  • Thumbnails
  • Websites
  • Mugs design
  • T-Shirt design
  • Book covers
  • Magazine
  • Gigs

There are different things that you can design easily with Canva.

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So, we concluded that the Canva platform is one of the amazing platforms for Graphic Designing. It’s easy to use for beginners. Different free templates are available for Users. It’s time a saving platform so we can do more work in a limited time.

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