Huber v2.28.2 : Multi-Purpose Review Theme Download

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Huber : Multi-Purpose Review Theme Free Download 2.28.2 – ThemeForest | Huber v2.28.2 : Multi-Purpose Review Theme for WordPress (Last Updated on 21st December 2021) is an extremely modern multi-purpose review theme that allows you to easily create a most powerful and interactive review site. Huber WP Theme has an edge over other review themes because of its unique and most powerful hub system.

Why this theme is costly than others at ThemeForest?

This theme is priced much higher than the average theme to reduce the number of new customers and cover the costs of continuing development for existing customers. The theme will only receive bug fixes and essential feature updates. Unfortunately Envato does not offer the ability to charge for updates or for a subscription to the theme, which would be better ways of charging customers for continued development. If you feel this price is too high for you I suggest looking for another theme such as my best seller Aardvark.

Will my hubs and reviews work with this theme?

Yes! If you are already using Gauge or The Review themes you can use this theme without the worry of things not working. Huber comes with a theme converter that converts all your hub, reviews and child pages so everything looks pretty much like it did before. Please note hub awards are not currently supported.

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