JNews v10.7.7 – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blogs AMP Theme Nulled

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Download Free JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blogs AMP Theme v10.7.7 Nulled

JNews – Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme Free Download v.10.7.7 – ThemeForest | JNews v10.7.7 – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blogs AMP Theme is a professional theme which is perfectly designed to provide an “all-in-one” solution for every publishing need.

By using JNews WP Theme, you can easily explore endless possibilities in crafting the best fully-functional website. Customizing your entire website with JNews WordPress Theme is very easy & fun. Also, it is provided an automatic import feature to easily replicate one of the demos you like doing just by one click.

SEO performance becomes one of the developers main concern.

Code Optimized

Optimized and lightweight codes for quick and easy loading on Google. The cache plugins are tested with the top so you can get a high score in many website speed testers, including the good setting and content of Google Page Speed.

JNews Nulled theme for WordPress completely supports Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article for your mobile device to allow you to load your site faster on all mobile devices.

eCommerce Compatible

It is an e-commerce theme created to offer the user with an “All In One” solution for all your publishing needs. With JNews you are able to discover endless ways to create the most functional and efficient website.

The developers offer 150+ homepage demos that are suitable as a News site or Magazine site, Blog site, Editorial site and for all types of publishing websites. Additionally, developers have an the automatic import feature that allows you to duplicate the one from the JNews demos that you love by a single click.

Easy to Customize

Making your own website using JNews is simple and easy. You can live-view the changes you’ve made and design your landing pages with ease using the drag and drop feature of Header Builder as well as The WPBakery Pages Builder, Elementor & Customizer.

The JNews Nulled Theme is fully integrated with all its components into the WPBakery Page Builder, including the WPBakery Page Creator Frontend Editor. JNews works with both the Free version Elementor as well as Elementor Pro.

Speed Optimized

In accordance with Google Core Web Vital, our code is optimized and lightweight , which makes it load extremely speedy.

Improve your results on tests for speed of your website such as Google Page Speed, Pingdom, GTmetrix, WebPageTest, Web Dev with the best cache plugins, settings for your site and page content. JNews fully supports Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article that will help your site load speedy on all devices.

SEO Friendly

SEO is the main focus of our business. We prove our commitment by using JSON LD structured data rich (rich result) (rich result) that is suggested by Google to get the most SEO-friendly results. Not only that, we also offer the ability to integrate with numerous SEO aspects. These features will significantly improve the SEO of your site as it is updated.

Changelog JNews Nulled WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blogs AMP Theme

Version 10.7.7 : 18 July 2022


  • Captcha for WordPress comment


  • Add button to Mobile Drawer
  • Sync dashboard menu state with WordPress dashboard menu

BUG Fix:

  • Mozila same site cookie issue
  • slider 1 styling issue on global slider css loaded
  • slider overlay warning
  • view counter tag filter query issue

PLUGIN Update:

  • JNews – Paywall v10.0.7
  • JNews – View Counter v10.0.5

Version 10.7.6 : 7 July 2022


  • Add option to share image library
  • Add below header ad slot
  • Return post frontend values on submit fail
  • Support new BuddyPress Follow

BUG] Fix:

  • select share issue

PLUGIN Update:

  • BuddyPress Follow v1.3
  • JNews – Frontend Submit v10.0.2
  • JNews – Social Share v10.0.4
  • Update JNews – Video v10.0.6
Version 10.6.2 : 20 April 2022

BUG Fix:

  • Elementor template FOUC issue
  • Responsive issue on Table Of Content element
  • RSS fallback image not showing in Elementor
  • Unable save JNews translate with WPML


  • Update JNews – Frontend Translation v10.0.2
  • Update JNews – Split v10.0.3
  • Update Yellow Pencil v7.5.6
Version 10.6.1 : 14 April 2022


  • Custom element role for JNews elements
  • Support YouTube start end url query on featured video

BUG Fix:

  • Module header filter including unrelated included post


  • Update JNews – Paywall v10.0.5
  • Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.9.0
Version 10.5.0 : 28 March 2022


  • JNews – Webstories v10.0.0


  • Video length and hover to preview for module video carousel
  • Add free option for paywall
  • Add a paywall video preview option for the post video format
  • Auto-Switching Dark Mode
  • Dark Mode as the default mode
  • JNews Webstories

BUG Fix:

  • Warning PHP notice on User List Element

BUG Fix:

  • Warning PHP notice on View Counter

PLUGIN Update:

  • JNews – Paywall v10.0.3
  • JNews – Video v10.0.5
  • JNews – View Counter v10.0.4
v10.1.4 : 15 March 2022


  • Changed module query behavior
  • Support pay writer Arab word count

BUG] Fix:

  • Crypto Elementor page edit issue
  • Post Carousel 2 dark mode issue
  • WPBakery column id not set
  • WPBakery post block elements attribute

PLUGIN Update:

  • JNews – Pay Writer v10.0.4
  • JNews – Video v10.0.4
  • JNews – Weather v10.0.2
Version 10.1.1 : 10 February 2022
- [BUG] Fix account page styling issue on mobile view
- [BUG] Fix admin dashboard metabox styling
- [BUG] Fix double WPBakery inline css
- [BUG] Fix home url when polylang activated
- [BUG] Fix No content JNews - News Ticker
- [BUG] Fix paywall and split post plugin conflict
- [BUG] Fix prevent photoswipe popup on caption link
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.2
Version 10.1.0 : 25 January 2022
- [IMPROVEMENT] Update Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch social counter
- [BUG] Fix align-text issue when scrolling
- [BUG] Fix author name not translated in author page
- [BUG] Fix conflict with FluentForms plugin
- [BUG] Fix JSON LD brand
- [BUG] Fix post package dark mode isssue
- [BUG] Fix read time meta custom post template
- [BUG] Fix widget element undefined index issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.2

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