Live blog: Twitter chaos – what’s going on?

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So where are we so far?

Musk has yet to comment on any development on Twitter today, which is surprising. The above is, at the time of posting this, his last tweet.

However, we noticed a small change with the checkmarks, where it’s also blue when you’re in dark mode on the site.

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An interesting talk by Hamish Hector here – there is a Chrome extension where it will tell you if a user has been verified with a blue check mark, or if they got one by logging into Twitter Blue when it was live.

Worries about Twitter

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Let’s be clear: there will be no replacement for Twitter. Nothing really is possible, but there are possible alternatives.

With this in mind, we have three for you to consider.

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Here’s our US editor-in-chief, Lance Ulanoff, who showed his very first tweet in 2007.

Since it includes a bagel, it’s already a great tweet in my book. The next question for me is, could his last tweet include a bagel to top it off?

Elon Musk at 2022 Met Gala

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Let’s summarize:

On October 30, Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Space X, CEO of Tesla, finally took control of Twitter after a long-winded takeover of the platform.

In less than a month we have seen the verification process become irrelevant and confusing due to the subscription service, Twitter Blue that can give any user a blue check mark and there has also been a massive layoff of staff.

On November 11, Twitter Blue was completely removed and Musk has been quiet ever since.

So it seems almost inevitable that the Blue Tick verification process has been canned.

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As the tweet above indicates, the chaos continues – which is why we started this live blog. What is going on?

Here’s an example of how hard some of these fake accounts are to spot:

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Musk himself fell victim to this, with numerous fake accounts surfacing claiming to be him — and with a Blue Tick to prove it. This seemed to be the last straw, as Musk went on to bounce back on some of the more lax elements of the new verification process.

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However, as people predicted, verified accounts started popping up on Twitter, and while many of them were clearly parodies, as they had the “Blue Tick,” it became hard to tell, especially with the more subtle accounts.

Unsurprisingly, the individuals and companies that were parodied weren’t too happy about this.

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Worryingly for Twitter, many brands began announcing that they would no longer advertise on the platform.

Despite the concerns and complaints, Musk was initially dismissive.

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Posting memes about people’s complaints made a lot of people feel like he wasn’t really taking the issue seriously.

Perhaps the most controversial thing to come out of Musk’s Twitter takeover are the changes to how accounts are verified.

Previously, if a media outlet’s verified account (such as BingoTingo (opens in new tab)) or another organization has published something, at least you know it comes from an official source. The Blue Check also allowed Twitter users to tell the difference between the many celebrities on Twitter and users imitating them.

However, Musk has made a change that allows anyone to be verified for $8 a month.

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This led some people to worry that users could pretend to be official accounts and be easily verified, making it difficult for people to see which accounts were real – and which were not. And that’s exactly what happened.

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