Prepare for a team slump now that Bastion can craft a carpet bomb in Overwatch 2

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Bastion has been reworked for Overwatch 2, it’s stronger and more mobile, but there’s also a bug that lets you turn your ultimate into a carpet bomb and flatten the opposing team.

The sentient running battle tank Bastion has been significantly changed in Overwatch 2. One key area is the new ultimate: artillery, which allows a player to fire three heavy shells across the map. Ultimates are only used a few times in a game after you build up the attack by effectively killing, healing, or defending. They’re meant to pack a punch when you finally get one, but a hack takes Bastion’s to a new level.

If you time it right, by using a certain key in combination with a specific mouse click, you can turn three shells into an infinite bombardment and cover the map in shells. This will immediately destroy any opposition team, secure the goal and even win the match.


Something must be done to counter this. This Bastion hack is impossible to play against and can wipe out entire teams. There are reports that this hack is used in quickplay and even competitive.

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It’s frustrating to come across this hack in quickplay, even though the mode has no effect on your season rankings – it’s hard to have fun when a cheat is wiping the floor with you.

What’s worse is the impact this hack can have on the competition. Unlike competitive business of quickplay; Losing a match in this game mode means your season ranking will drop. Trust me, when you start going SR it’s a slippery slope from there.

I’ve contacted Blizzard for comment, but haven’t heard anything yet. Currently there are no consequences for this soul-destroying hack. So you may have to take the law into your own hands and report players you see using.

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This kind of hacking early in Overwatch 2’s release doesn’t surprise me. There will always be people who want to push boundaries and see how they can break the game. I’m guilty of this – not the Bastion hack – I like to see if I can jump into areas I shouldn’t be able to reach and get a vantage point on the opposing team. It’s a relatively harmless alternative.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Regardless of creativity, it can be heartbreaking when you’ve spent the entire match defending the point effectively, only to be repulsed by a cheat hack that isn’t possible.

Imagine this. With a minute to go, I had a solid foundation to fend off even more attacks on target. I knew the attacking team had almost no finish points, so victory was in sight. But then I hear the menacing and whistling whistle signaling the ultimate Bastion, and suddenly the map turns red. I look to the sky, hope flows from me as all I can do is stand there and send a bombardment of grenades down on myself and my teammates.

Even if I knew how to do this, I won’t tell. I refuse to condone this idiocy. Unless of course you have a custom match with friends, and they deserve it. In this case, the end justifies the means.

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