SteamOS update brings fixes and better display settings to your Steam Deck

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After testing an update to the Steam Deck that was available in beta, Valve has officially rolled it out with more fixes and improvements, including a fix that fixes a crash for Red Dead Redemption 2.

In addition to the software update (opens in new tab)there was also the news that the Steam Dock is now for sale, in addition to the removal of a Steam Deck reservation order.

The update brings a number of improvements to how you can scale the screen, which could help those with accessibility needs, as well as better support for when you connect a Deck to an external display. You can download this update by going to . to go Settings > System > Update.

With these improvements, I wonder how well the Steam Deck could work on screens up to 4K, and what the quality could be when playing games at a higher resolution than the standard 1280×800 that the handheld offers.

A good time to dock

The more I use the Steam Deck, the more convinced I am of its ability to be the Switch for PC gaming. Some may scoff at the lack of ability to play a game in 4K with ray tracing, but I come from a time when I had to find a light source to see my black and white GameBoy to complete a level in WarioLand. complete, so I still feel like I’m in the future as I play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on the train with no issues.

However, Valve clearly states in the video that the update will also help with other third-party docks you may have laying around, so be aware that there are situations where you’ll want to dock your Steam Deck for a quick game of something.

Now that Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale kicks off on October 11, I’ll be keeping an eye out for a USB-C dock. Since I sold my gaming PC, my 1440P monitor has been used as an extension for my MacBook Pro when needed, but a dedicated space for my Steam Deck is a tempting prospect.

Couple this with Valve’s impressive speed of updating the handheld with these updates every few weeks, we can’t help but wonder what other features might be coming soon and the Dock.

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