The metaverse at work will alienate your disabled employees, here’s why

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If you’re a business owner or leader thinking about bashing the ‘metaverse’ button, you’re in luck.

New research seems to suggest that many workers are willing to embrace the concept, although they often can’t say why the metaverse at work should exist, how it will improve their working lives, or even exactly what it is.

A report (opens in new tab) released in late September 2022 claims that more than three-quarters (78%) of “business professionals” – presumably at all levels – want to “embrace the metaverse,” which is certainly a phrase normal people use.

The majority (71%) of respondents said they could see the metaverse being incorporated into their working lives, and 40% saw the metaverse replacing “static collaboration environments” – presumably Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or one of the others online collaboration tools that have become commonplace since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is despite Deepak Agarwal, project manager at GlobalData, admitting that “the Metaverse is still largely conceptual” after the latest report on the gigantic size of the metaverse market. It doesn’t exist yet, but the company says it has $23 billion in it.

To me, the metavers are multiple asterisked words at a time that I can’t write because I’m still in my probationary period. I hope Mark Zuckerberg Loses $71 Billion (opens in new tab) to a buggy junk that doesn’t bother anyone (opens in new tab) (even in his own company) will be a wake-up call for everyone else.

This is rancid. An insult to being. (Image credit: Meta)

“Conceptually,” using the metaverse to sit at a virtual representation of your desk and basically perform any task with those ergonomic controllers sounds raunchy. And if I ever have to deal with my line manager for a long time as a Playmobil man, I’ll sell my earthly possessions and live in a cave. give him legs (opens in new tab) is not the point. Instead, it’s a condescending, exclusive dictation about all the functioning limbs you need to be “normal.”

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