Ubisoft and Riot are going to use AI to keep you from being terrible online

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Toxic gamers who enjoy harassing others through in-game communication are in for an equally brutal awakening.

As creators and publishers of some of the best co-op games beyond that, Ubisoft and Riot Games are no strangers to dealing with toxic players. Fortunately, both companies have teamed up for this No harm in communication (opens in new tab), a research partnership intended to combat bad behavior online. The project will use AI technology to detect, address and teach bots how to identify instances of online harassment to “foster more rewarding social experiences and avoid harmful interactions.”

Badly behaved players will no longer be able to hide behind the anonymity of their keyboards. The research partnership plans to create a system where information about offending players is stored and then shared with the entire industry in a database.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

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