Why this deal on 5-star Sony headphones is hands down my top pick for Prime Day

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Amazon’s Prime Day Early Access sale is in full effect – you could think of it as Prime Day 2, Day 2, if you’re being cheeky – and with Prime Day deals this good I think it would be remiss from the BingoTingo team to tell you to wait for Black Friday.

In fact, I say beating while the iron is hot – and right now that particular (albeit slightly archaic) tool is fresh out of the oven!

Why jump there today? Because as far as I’m concerned, the best headphone deal we could all have hoped for is already live.

If you’ve never heard of Sony’s excellent WH-XM range (where have you been?) you have now – see their older siblings, the WH-1000XM4 and WH-1000XM3 as proof of their immaculate reputation.

But this deal concerns the latest set! You’re looking at the new hotness, namely the stunning, five-star WH-1000XM5 headphones, unveiled in May 2022 and a product that really has nothing to do with this or whatever sales in the first place. But here we are.

Right now they are only $348 (opens in new tab) in the US, or £295 in the UK (opens in new tab), at Amazon. Do you want a set? Then you have to move. Sharp.

This 22% saving in the UK (or 13% if you’re in the US) on Sony’s 2022 winning cans is the best deal in Amazon’s Prime Day shenanigans in October. And if you don’t agree, come to me. I’m waiting for your suggestions.

Look, they’re the latest in the frankly groundbreaking and iconic WH-XM lineup, they didn’t come out until May 2022, and because the sound and skills are even a shadow better than the cans they replace, this Prime Day Early Access discount is a time to call your mom and then some.

Let me be clear (because I’ve heard them and I’ve loved them): the XM5 is a category of dominant Sony cans – I don’t have all the time in the world right now to sing their praises, but our five-star review is the place to go. See the top quote “still the best in the business”? Quite that.

Any cons? They don’t fold into the headband this time – and you shouldn’t care. Nor is the Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless or the Bowers & Wilkins PX8, both of which launched shortly after the XM5 – and both notable for their absence from Amazon’s Prime Day extravaganza in October.

They take up a little more space than a set of earbuds. But you get a nice hard case, and what should you take with you on your commute that is more important than good quality music? Trust me, the XM5 is worth carrying your big backpack…

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