Xbox Keystone, Microsoft’s cloud gaming console, is “years away”

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Cloud gaming fans may be returning to Earth following news from Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer that Microsoft has shelved plans for an Xbox streaming stick.

The long discussed Xbox streaming stickcodenamed Keystone, is no longer a viable option from a production or usage standpoint. “It was more expensive than we wanted when we actually built it out with the hardware we had in it,” Spencer said The edge (opens in new tab). He cited the broader impact of the cost-of-living crisis on consumer habits as one of the deciding factors behind Keystone’s indefinite hiatus — which makes sense, especially as we brace for the possible Xbox price hikes comes in the new year.

However, those who have been looking forward to the cloud-only device will not be left out in the cold this winter. There are plenty of alternatives that won’t cost you (or Microsoft) the earth.

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